Spray Dryers
  Flash Dryers
  Rotary Dryers
  Continuous Fluid Bed Dryers
  Paddle Dryers
  Tube Bundle Dryer
  Rotary Vacuum Dryer
  Cone Screw Dryer

RAJ offers different types of drying systems depending on the nature of products to be dried and the characteristics of dried product required.
The drying systems are designed for one-step transformation of liquid feeds/ wet cakes/ pastes to powder. Depending on the nature of product the suitable material of construction is selected for product contact parts. The system is supplied as a turnkey equipment consisting of following systems.
Slurry preparation/ Mixing / Feeding System.
Air heating system.
Feed atomization/ dispersion/ agitation system.
Dry product collection / conveying system.
Dust / Fines collection system consisting of either one or
combination of following systems.
High efficiency cyclone separator.
Bag filter.
Wet scrubber.
Electrostatic precipitator.
Instrumentation and Controls comprising of simple motor control center and indicating and controlling
instruments. Option of PLC & SCADA controlled system for automatic operation of the complete plant is also offered.
The drying systems are either open loop, semi closed loop or closed loop depending on the nature of solvent in the feed and the necessity of recovering the solvent.
Depending on the nature of feed suitable drying system is offered.
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