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Spray Dryers

Spray dryers are offered for feeds in liquid form containing either water or any other solvent. Feeds may be solution, slurry or emulsion. Depending on the particle size of the final product required and the nature of feed any one or combination of following atomization system is used.

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Two fluid atomization.
ral dryers pune
High pressure single fluid atomization.
Rotary disc atomization
Rotary disc atomization.
      spray dryer
cone screw dryer      

The final product obtained from spray dryer is in powder form. By varying the operating parameters of the spray dryer the required powder characteristics such as moisture, particle size, bulk density, flowability, Particle Morphology etc. can be achieved.

Besides manual and semi-automatic systems we offer PLC and SCADA based systems for easy operation and monitoring of spray dryer. Multiple systems can be operated from a single computer thus reducing the manpower requirement. All the important parameters like temperatures, pressures, flow etc. are recorded and displayed in the system and can be retrieved at any given moment.

Capacity: The spray dryers having water evaporation capacity ranging from 1kg/hr to 18,000 kg/hr can be offered and supplied.


Operating temperatures: The spray dryers having operating temperatures up to 1100°C can be offered and supplied.

CIP Systems: We offer integrated cleaning in place (CIP) systems in the spray dryers for automatic and fast cleaning of the complete system. This feature is essential where multiple products are dried in a single system and frequent washing is required.

Typical applications of spray dryer are Dyestuffs, pigments, starch, detergents, milk powder, fruits, pharmaceutical, herbal extracts, food flavors, ceramics, china clay, enzymes etc.

      paddle dryer
raj dryers Flash Dryers

Flash dryers are used for drying of wet cakes which are sensitive to heat. There are different variations of flash dryers available depending upon the need to disperse the wet cake or pastes. These are:

Spin Flash Dryer
This consists of a horizontal agitator, which disperses the feed while it comes in contact with the hot air and gets dried.

      flash dryer
cage mill flash dryer      

Cage Mill Flash Dryer
This consists of a vertical pin type rotary and stationary cages. The wet feed is fed at the center of the rotating cage, where it comes in contact with hot air. The rotating cage disperses the feed while drying.

Due to very low residence time in the range of 0.5 to 2 seconds in the flash dryers, heat sensitive products can be easily dried without degradation.

Particle size of the final product can be controlled by installing a particle size controller which recycles the larger particle size back to the agitator and allows only the pre-determined size particles to be discharged as product.


Capacity: We can offer the flash dryers having capacities of 10kg/hr to 50000kg/hr product rate.

Typical applications of flash dryer are starch, bagasse, minerals, pigments and dyes, phosphates, etc.

Raj Process Equipments pioneer in Tube Bundle Dryer Manufacturers India can flash dry heat sensitive products with Spin Flash Dryer and Cage Mill Flash Dryer.DDGS Dryers Manufacturers India have capacities of 10kg/hr to 50000kg/hr.
raj manufacturer india Rotary Dryers

Rotary dryers are used for drying wet powders and cakes, which are easily breakable and dispersible. The rotary dryer consists of a rotating drum with angle lifting blades which lift the feed as the drum rotates and showers it in the stream of hot air flowing through the drum.

The rotary dryers can be used as calciners using direct or indirect firing.

GMP plants are offered for pharmaceutical, food, and biochemical applications.


      rotary dryer
dryer manufacturer      

Capacity: We can offer the rotary dryers with capacity range from 100kg/hr to 50000kg/hr product rate and operating temperatures up to 600°C.

Typical applications of rotary dryers include silica sand, bagasse, minerals, coconut powder, etc.

 raj group dryers products Continuous Fluid Bed Dryers

The process air is supplied to the bed through a special perforated distributor plate and flows through the bed of solids at a velocity sufficient to support the weight of particles in a fluidized state. Bubbles form and collapse within the fluidized bed of material, promoting intense particle movement. In this state, the solids behave like a free flowing boiling liquid

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Advanced method of drying wet/semi wet solids
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Unlike in Tray Drying every solid particle is floating in the HOT STREAM of
Air which is blown from down to up creating material layer in fluidised
dryers india
Almost every wet particle directly receives the heat energy from hot Air
  resulting in uniform and quick drying
      fluid bed dryer
Features of RAJ Continuous Fluid Bed Dryers :
process equipment products
Very versatile process equipment for uniform and efficient drying of products.
fully automatic operation
Fully automatic operation based on PLC control / without PLC control
minimum handling
Minimum handling and more hygienic
lifting device
Lifting & tilting device of product container for easy handling
operation module raj process
Option - steam heated or electric heated blower
raj groups product
cGMP model with documentation as option.

Material of Construction:
AISI 304 / AISI 316 / Custom made.

Heat recovery unit can be incorporated, cyclone, bag filters, multiclones, wet scrubber

Chemical / Fertilizer / Food - salt, sugar / Mineral - Sand, Aluminum / Ore calcining / Metal oxidation / Sludge Incineration / Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste / Pigment etc.

Capacity available from 5 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr water/solvent evaporation.

Paddle Dryers

Operating Principle


The wet feed is continuously agitated by the heated rotating blades, thus exposing new areas to heating surfaces. This results in the moisture boiling off and rendering the material to dry to the required degree.

Features of RAJ Paddle Dryer :
Low running cost – contact dryer.
Continuous production machine without human touch.
Ideal for solvent recovery.
Suitable for Crystalline material.
On-line particle size reduction – no separate pulverizer required.
Factory assembled & tested.
Compact construction – less floor area.
Choice of heating medium – steam, hot water.
Minimum exhaust air quantity – no elaborate air cleaning equipment
Absence of high speed rotating parts – less breakdowns.
Special paddle form – ploughing and self cleaning action.
Initial particle size is maintained.
Typical Applications
Crystaline Solids
Pasty Solids
Agro Waste
Magnesium Carbonate
Polypropylene Beads
paddle dryer
DDGS Dryers
Operation is fully automatic with low maintenance.
Steam Tube Bundle Dryers are based on the conduction mode for drying. The product to be heated and dried only contacts steamheated tubes, and not directly steam. Tube bundles are operated on the counter-flow principle (i. e. steam flows in the direction opposite to the direction of the material flow). The Tube Bundle Dryers are designed by considering the wet and dry product flow characteristics, lump crust formation tendency and thermal sensitivity of the material in dry condition.
Indirect Steam Tube Rotary Dryer
In Indirect Steam Tube Rotary Dryer the tubes are arranged in a circumferential manner on the inner periphery of the rotating shell. This entire shell and tubes assembly is supported on tyres / rollers & driven throughsuitable gear drive. Wet feed material is fed through material inlet nozzle installed at one end of the shell of dryer. This wet feed is fed through Screw Feeder. Feed material showered on the tubes with the help of lifting blades which are mounted on the rotating shell. Steam enters in the tubes through rotating joint installed at material discharge end of the shell. Material gets dried & discharged from the material discharge ports on the shell. Vapours are removed from the feed end with the help of suction blower after separating fines in the cyclone separator. The suitable sealing arrangement is provided to prevent air leakage and product \losses.
automatic dryer
Rotary Tube Bundle Dryers  
In Rotary Tube Bundle Dryer the Tube Bundle is rotated inside the stationary insulated housing. Steam is passed though one end of Tube Bundle for drying and condensate is removed from the other end.Wet feed Material to be dried is fed into the stationary dryer housing from Feed Nozzle at one end. The material gets lifted up & showered on tubes with the help of lifting blades provided on tube bundle periphery. Material gets dried by conduction heat transfer & it is discharged from the other end.
RAJ offers customized configurations of Steam Tube Dryers :
Vapor Exhaust : Natural Draft / Induced Draft.
Fines Recovery : Cyclones / Bag Filters / Settling Chambers.
Heating Media : Steam / Hot Oil.
Feed preconditioning, Product backmixing systems.
Feed & product handling, conveying systems.
Features of the RAJ Steam Tube Bundle Dryer :
Operation is fully automatic with low maintenance.
Reduced wear and tear of parts.
Less space requirements.
Minimum air flow giving the reduced output of waste air.
Fire risk eliminated.
Simple installation & robust Construction.
Safe Operation.
Low temperature drying for high quality products to avoid losses of vitamins, nutrients and taste change.
Mild steel or stainless steel and constructions as required
Applications :  
Distillery Industry : Drying of distillers grains.
Extraction Industry :
Conditioning of broken soya beans, sunflower seeds, whole or flaked rape and other oilseeds. Pre -desolventizing of oilseed coarse meal prior to the toaster.Drying of oilseed coarse meal after the toaster.
Brewing Industry : Drying of spent grains.
Chemical and Plastics Industries: Drying of granulates
Wood processing industry : Drying of wood chips.
Environment processing : For disposal of liquid sewage, waste water and paper sludge
Other : In many of these cases the materials viscosity is improved by partial recycling.
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